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2018 Lohas Evening Cherry Festival

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2018 Lohas Evening Cherry Festival
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Lohas Park, Neihu Dist., Taipei City Taiwan, R.O.C
he Lohas Park is located along the Neigou River in Donghu, and it has become a popular destination from which people are able to watch the spectacle of cherry trees in bloom. From Kangle Street heading upstream of the river, various cherry trees are planted along the three-kilometer-long walkway. The Neigou River is considered Taipei’s most beautiful cheery blossom river, and around Chinese New Year period each year, over 100 Fuji cherry trees blossom in the upper part of the park’s first section. As flowers transform from white to pink and red a beautiful scene is created; and following on from the initial blossoming of the Fuji cherry trees, Yae-Zakura cherry, Showa cherry, and Yoshino cherry trees also blossom, adding a touch of romantic ambience to the cherry forest in Donghua. After viewing cherry blossoms within the park, visitors are invited to take a stroll along the stream on a brick path to appreciate other cherry trees; such as the Showa cherry, Yoshino cherry, Formosan Sakura and Japanese Flowering Cherry. They are also invited to learn more about the Neigou Stream and its ecological environment at Taipei Neigousi Ecological Exhibition Hall.