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Eid-al-Fitr in Taipei, 2023

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Taipei City Daan Park, Da'an Dist., Taipei City Taiwan, R.O.C
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Eid-al-Fitr is one of the most important Muslim festivals. In order to promote cultural exchanges, the Taipei City Government organizes "2023 Eid-al-Fitr in Taipei" at Daan Park. Muslims and citizens are invited to come together to visit the market, watch performances, walk in each other's shoes, and experience the friendly and diversified Taipei!

🎵Stage Performance (14:00-17:00)
This year, traditional art performing companies “Violet Lee and her Taiwan Arabesque Dance Company”, “TabRaqs Middle Eastern Drum Dance Music Ensemble”, as well as Chinese Indonesian singer-songwriter Leshia and Taiwanese Indonesian singer-songwriter Huang Yu-han are invited to give a variety of different performances. The amazing music show will make Muslims in Taiwan feel at home and experience the festive vibes.

🎵Halal Bazaar (11:00-17:00)
A variety of Muslim culture-based stalls and public welfare promoting booths are planned, starting at the Exit 9 of Daan Park, where the public can stroll around in the afternoon and learn more about Muslim culture, such as cuisine and religious ornaments.

♻️Sustainable Shared Tableware
To realize the value of environmental sustainability, energy conservation, and carbon reduction, tableware rental services are provided at the event. Food stalls in the Halal Bazaar will offer discounts for customers who bring their own eco-friendly foodware, encouraging participants to reduce their use of disposable foodware, and calling attention to being environmentally friendly.
🔎Special Offer

🎵 Outdoor Recreation Area (11:00-17:00)
This area is open for picnics and street music performances. Participants can also pick Indonesian or English pop songs to sing along together while enjoy food in a joyful atmosphere.

🎵 Cultural Experience Area (11:00-17:00)
Through the five senses of smell, touch, taste, sight, and sound, participants will be able to experience and learn about the diverse cultures of Muslims.
👉Check admission Status

👃 Egyptian Aroma Hand Soap DIY
Muslim culture spans multiple countries. Through the basic knowledge of fragrance and the extended interpretation of Egyptian culture, we will learn the secrets of fragrance in the Middle East and make our own special fragrance hand wash.
(Fully booked)(3 sessions, 20 people per session)[Online Registration]

🙌Turkish Mosaic Coasters DIY
Professional instructors are invited to teach participants to make Turkish mosaic coasters and learn about the history of Turkish culture and craftsmanship through handcraft DIY experiences.
(Fully booked)(3 sessions, 25 people per session)[Online Registration]

👅Turkish Refreshment Rice Pudding DIY
Professionals from the industry are invited to teach participants the preparation of Turkish cultural desserts and learn the history of Turkish culture and relevant anecdotes through hands-on experience.
(Fully booked)(3 sessions, 25 people per session)[Online Registration]

👀 Muslim Book Stall
Taking a leaf out of the Arab world where Muslim cultures originate, booths with special cultural atmosphere will be set up. More than 30 books written by local and foreign authors will be placed in the study. It gives visitors a sense of being in foreign countries and opportunities to comfortably read and take exotic photos.

👂Muslim Storyteller
Experienced "Storytellers" will give interactive storytelling, reshaping the audiences’ impression about story listening.
(4 sessions, with no limits to the number of people per session)
Session1、3:Sindbad the sailor
Session2、4:Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves

📍Relevant Activities – Muslim Travel Fair (11:00-17:00)
Muslim-certified tourism industries in Taipei City are invited to co-organize a Muslim Travel Exhibition to showcase the results of the Muslim-friendly environment Taipei City has achieved to build, such as Muslim-friendly hotels and scenic spots.

📍Relevant Activities –  Gifts to be collected on the spot 
By participating in the event survey at the venue or singing along in the Outdoor Recreation Area, you will receive an Eid-al-Fitr limited-edition of the "Delicious Snack Pack".

📍Early Activities – Designated Muslim-friednly Restaurants Gift Giving Campaign
During the week before the event, participants will receive a gift upon making a purchase at the designated Muslim-friednly restaurants .
🔎Muslim-friednly Restaurant List

📺 Watch the Concert online and participate in the draw for the grand prize!
The concert will be broadcast live online from 14:00 to 17:00. By watching the performance on the “Taipei Travel Facebook” and leaving a comment with the designated keyword, you will get the chance to win an iPhone 14.
👉Prize Draw Rules

🚘Transportation information
Public transportation is strongly recommended.
【Taipei Metro】Tamsui–Xinyi Line to "Daan Park Station", exit 2 or 3. 
【Public Bus】Taipei eBus
【Parking】Taipei City ATIS WebParking lot

💚Service Introduction
🙋Information Counter (2 Locations, Near Exit 9 of the Park)
(1) Public consultation services
(2) Foreign language service provided (Indonesian)
🚑Medical Station (1 Location, Near Exit 9 of the Park)
(1) Provision of simple first-aid medicine.
(2) Assistance in contacting the emergency medical services.
🚼Friendly Service Facilities
(1) Breastfeeding Room (2 Locations)
>Office under the music terrance in Daan Park & MRT Daan Park station 
(2) Portable hand-washing stations.
(3) Wheelchair accessible portable toilets.he emergency medical services.
Participants can pay with e-tickets and e-payments at stalls in the Halal Bazaar.
👮Other reminders 
Participants are not allowed to bring illegal drugs, knives, firearms, explosives and other prohibited items 
into the event venue.

1. The organizer reserves the right to make final modifications, changes, explanations, and cancellation of this event.
2. Actual activities are subject to on-site implementation and on-site announcement.

Department of Information and Tourism, Taipei City Government
Chinese Muslim Association
Taipei Grand Mosque Foundation
Indonesian Economic and Trade Office to Taipei
Taipei City Foreign and Disabled Labor Office
🌳Assisting Organizer
Taiwan Halal Center
Department of Civil Affairs, Taipei City Government
Daan District Office, Taipei City

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