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Taipei North Gate Post Office

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Post date:2016-11-22


Taipei Post Office
The predecessor of the Taipei Post Office was the General Post Office created by Qing Dynasty Taiwan Provincial Governor Liu Mingchuan. Since the Taipei Post Office is located next to the north gate of the old city, it is also known as the North Gate Post Office. This nearly century-old classical building was the first post office built during the period of Japanese rule, and has been designated a city historical site. The Taipei Post Office today bears witness to the evolution of the seasons and the changing of the times, and as in the past, still hosts many postal services. The post office is brightly lit at night, and many people can be seen going in and out, using the parcel post services.
    The Taipei North Gate Post Office was built in 1898. In the beginning, it was a Japanese-style wooden two-story building, but later it was destroyed by fire. The North Gate Post Office that we see today was rebuilt in 1930 as a reinforced concrete building.
The architectural style popular at the time was an eclectic style that emphasized proportion and focused on purely formal elegance. From the front, you can see four double-round door posts and gabled decorative designs. Small, light brown tiles produced in Beitou kilns, are used on the exterior walls. The two-story high ceiling design in the lobby and the pure white ornate ceiling and pillars give the interior a calmness, and add an elegance to the movements of the people inside.
The Postal Museum Taipei North Gate branch is on the second floor of the North Gate Post Office. Here, you can see a yellow-green cylindrical replica of a Qing mailbox and an antique bicycle used for delivering mail in the past, as well as all kinds of post office mascots and models of postal delivery vehicles. Plus there are occasional international stamp exhibitions, which are also very interesting!
The Taipei Post Office is located near the Taipei Main Station commercial area, featuring lots of food, restaurants, and department stores, which are just a step away!


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