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Show Your Graffiti Skills! 7 Riverside Embankment Walls Painted White and Now Available for Creative Graffiti Works

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Post date:2023-12-06



Seven dedicated graffiti areas along Taipei's riverside parks have recently been completely painted white. Citizens are welcome to unleash their creativity, but the Hydraulic Engineering Office (HEO) of the Taipei City Government would also like to remind the public that any offensive language, images, or politically charged content will be promptly removed.
Dedicated graffiti areas in seven Taipei riverside locations have been freshly repainted white. Creative souls are welcome to showcase their talent.
According to the HEO, there are currently seven dedicated riverside graffiti areas in Taipei. Among them, the largest is the Chengmei Left Bank Graffiti Area in Nangang District, covering an area of 2120 square meters. The second-largest is the Guanshan Graffiti Area in Songshan District. Additionally, graffiti areas are available at the Meiti, Fuhe, Jingmei, Chengmei Right Bank and Yingfeng Riverside Parks. These walls often showcase brilliant graffiti creations by creative citizens!

The HEO noted that it adopts a four-month cycle wherein the HEO regularly repaints the graffiti walls white and then reopens them for public artistic creations. This means that the artworks on these walls can be displayed for a maximum of four months for public appreciation. However, the HEO emphasized that any offensive language, images or politically charged content will still be promptly removed. The graffiti walls aim to enhance opportunities for people to express their creativity through continuous updates while ensuring the cleanliness and attractiveness of the riverside landscape.
Seven dedicated graffiti walls are now open for creating graffiti works.
Recently, all the dedicated graffiti areas in riverside parks across the city have been repainted white, welcoming enthusiastic citizens to engage in graffiti art. A special reminder for citizens: the graffiti area under the Zhongshan Bridge at the original site of the Bailing Riverside Park has been closed due to its proximity to historical sites under the Zhongshan Bridge. Please refrain from creating graffiti art at this location and instead explore other available graffiti areas for creative expression.
Dedicated graffiti areas in seven Taipei riverside locations have been freshly repainted white. Creative souls are welcome to create graffiti art.
The HEO once again reiterates that creating graffiti in locations not officially designated for such activities constitutes illegal behavior and is subject to enforcement and punitive measures. The Taipei City Government's Department of Environmental Protection, in accordance with Article 27, Paragraph 2 of the Waste Disposal Act, considers defacing surfaces such as the ground, pools of water, drainage gutters, walls, beams, or pillars, utility poles, trees, roadways, bridges or other fixed structures as pollution of the environment. Offenders are required to remove such markings and may face fines ranging from a minimum of NT$1,200 to a maximum of NT$6,000, with heavier penalties for serious violations, as stipulated in Article 50 of the same act.