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Splendid Sea of Flowers Along Yanping Riverside

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Post date:2023-12-06



With the arrival of autumn, flowers are blossoming across Taiwan, and for those keen on chasing blooms, there's no need to venture far; in fact, you can experience spectacular sea of flowers right in Taipei City's riverside parks! Along the Yanping River near the Dadaocheng Wharf, a vibrant sea of flowers has blossomed, showcasing a riot of blooms with various wildflowers in resplendent hues. Seize the opportunity of good weekend weather for a mesmerizing flower-watching getaway.
The Yanping Riverside Flower Sea's flower-watching season extends until Christmas this year.
The Taipei City Hydraulic Engineering Office (HEO) has transformed the Yanping Riverside Park using seasonal wildflowers, creating a picturesque garden resembling a natural meadow. This initiative adds vibrant hues to the autumn and winter ambiance along the Tamsui River. The Yanping Riverside Sea of Flowers flower-watching season extends all the way through Christmas, offering a continuous bloom experience.

The Yanping Riverside Sea of Flowers adopts a “wildflower garden” concept, utilizing over 40,000 pots of various seasonal wildflowers. This design concept aims to create multi-layered floral landscapes using plants of different heights. Alongside the vibrant hues of a variety of flowers like the common petunia and mealy sage, special flowers include the red-toned pineapple sage, the blue-purple hues of salvia x superba and seer’s sage. Also making an appearance is the beloved spider flower popular in spring, and in anticipation of Christmas, the festive red hues are already welcoming flower enthusiasts at the riverside park.

According to the HEO, this floral haven is cleverly arranged amidst the foliage, creating a whimsical ambiance as if the flowers were enchanting sprites lingering among the trees. Notably, the Yanping Riverside Sea of Flowers goes the extra mile by incorporating nighttime decorative lighting. Dandelion-inspired illuminations brighten up the entire garden at night, extending the romantic enchantment from day to night, infusing the riverside with a warm and cozy vibe for the winter season.
The nighttime illumination at the Yanping Riverside Sea of Flowers creates a unique and romantic ambience.
This sea of flowers is designed to guide visitors through the floral clusters, along winding paths, offering a delightful view of the multi-colored floral landscapes. Along the Yanping Riverside, a diverse array of blossoms are bustling with life, creating a vibrant spectacle. To enhance visitors' understanding of the various plantings, the HEO has thoughtfully installed plant interpretation boards. This allows everyone to not only enjoy the flowers along the Tamsui River but also get acquainted with the beauty of these diverse floral species.

The Yanping Riverside Park, situated along the banks of the Tamsui River, boasts of vast green spaces and lush, verdant trees. The riverside promenade has attracted more visitors, inviting them for leisurely rides and strolls along the riverbank. The Yanping Sea of Flowers is located near the Fifth Floodgate of the Tamsui River and adjacent to the Dadaocheng Wharf. During the daytime, visitors can admire the flowers up close, explore the migratory bird observatory to appreciate the natural ecology, and take in the scenic views along the riverbank, including the picturesque sunset set against the Zhongxiao Bridge. Don't forget to explore the international cuisine at the Dadaocheng Wharf container market or rent a bike for a relaxing ride amidst the riverside beauty.