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2016 Twin City Forum Kicks-off in Taipei

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Post date:2016-08-29



2016 Twin City Forum Kicks-off in Taipei

2016 Twin City Forum Kicks-off in Taipei

On August 23, Mayor Ko Wen-je attended the evening banquet at city hall to welcome the representatives from Shanghai and guests attending the 2016 Twin City Forum.

During his address, the mayor noted that cross-strait exchange is a positive thing. He knows that Shanghai mayor representative Sha Hailin stopped by Taipei City Hospital earlier in the day. He pointed out that medical care is one of the strengths of Taiwan – especially the National Health Insurance system.

Ko remarked that under the leadership of the hospital’s superintendent Huang Sheng-jean, the hospital places much emphasis on domicile care, palliative care at home, and community medical resources for patients. He believes Taipei’s experiences in these fields will serve as valuable references for mainland China.

Sha said that he is honored to represent Shanghai Mayor Yang Xiong at the Twin City Forum. He recalled that this is his twelfth trip to Taiwan, and unlike previous visits the purpose of this trip is to strengthen bilateral exchange between the two cities.

According to Sha, he attended a Sports Day event with students from both sides of the Strait earlier at a local middle school. He is impressed by the vitality demonstrated by the young people. He is interested in what the young people are thinking and what he can do for these students’ future. He believes that both sides of the Strait and the two cities should share a common vision and leave the young people with hope and beauty. This is a major reason why Shanghai City Government insists on taking part in the exchange in Taipei.

  • Source: Department of Information Technology, Taipei City Government