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TAIPEI Winter 2020 Vol.22

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Once the serenity of fall starts to fade, winter sets in. In Taipei and around the world, 2020 has given us a lot to think about. With all we’ve been through as a global community these past 12 months, one of those things we’re left to ponder is how we can treat ourselves, each other, and our planet better than we have before.

When the world does start to open up again, one of those ways we might help ourselves and the world at large is to practice sustainable travel, as well as adopting an eco- friendlier lifestyle. Taipei is one of the global leaders aiming to become both sustainable and eco-friendly, promoting tours, sites, and shopping that promote an earth-first mentality.

But what exactly is sustainable travel? Find out in our cover story, which maps out in detail three routes travelers can take through the capital while partaking in eco- conscious transportation, accommodation, and consumerism all the way. Tackle the Four Beasts Mountains on foot, get a sense of local culture by bike, and reduce your carbon footprint by taking the MRT to an all-natural hot spring area.

It might surprise you, but Taipei City has its very own “farm country” — more than one, actually. From the tea plantations of Maokong to the tourist farms of Baishihu, growers know that as vital as it is to keep the tourists coming, we’ve only got one planet, and they are dead set on protecting it. And of course, we can’t forget the fabulous New Year’s celebrations in our beloved capital. From the fireworks at Taipei 101 to an invigorating New Year’s Day stroll through the city streets, let us guide you on a tour of the best of the best for ringing in the new annum.

Sustainability flows into the Taipei art scene as well, and we’ll take you through some of the city’s finest secondhand clothing shops, filled with fabulous finds, as well as introducing you to some fine options for green Christmas gifts. Also, meet some of the excellent people behind some of the city’s leading environmental initiatives, from the Taiwan SPCA, the founder of a sustainable paper business to a person dedicated to ending unnecessary food waste.

Of course, we’ll never forget Taipei’s food. Join us on a journey through the growing vegan and vegetarian sector of the local grub scene. All this and more as we wave goodbye to 2020 in the pages of TAIPEI, and look forward to a prosperous and safe 2021.