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Guting Riverside Park 古亭河濱公園

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Guting Riverside Park is located between Yongfu Bridge and Zhongzheng Bridge. You can reach the Park by cycling along Siyuan Street towards the direction of Taipei Water Park. Shrubs grown on the slope ingeniously form the wordings, “Guting Riverside Park”. Visit the Park on a summer afternoon, when the sun is not so strong, to enjoy the breeze. There are various sports facilities in the Park for citizens’ enjoyment, such as the tennis court, basketball court and skating rink. Enjoy the expansive green space and take a moment to take in a cool breeze under the bridge. Sports aficionados who often visit here for the facilities know that two adjacent tennis courts were built under the shade, allowing players to stay away from the sun while playing, making the courts an ideal place for a friendly game. 
There is a rock climbing practice area and children’s playground under Yongfu Bridge, with a thick protective mat under the slide, a statement of the City Government’s thoughtfulness. It doesn’t seem difficult to adult onlookers as energetic children complete the 3-m high rock climbing wall but the climb is actually quite a challenge when you try it yourself. This is a good place to bring your kids to have fun and beat the summer heat. In the winter, this place will become a sea of garden cosmos, which will attract numerous visitors to stand and gawk. There are well-designed biking trails and lighting in the Park, attracting more cyclists to take their bikes out and enjoy a delightful summer night ride. 


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Between Yongfu Bridge and Zhongzheng Bridge, Zhongzheng Dist., Taipei City Taiwan, R.O.C

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