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Dadaocheng Summer Festival: Traffic Control Measures Announced

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Post date:2023-07-21



Between July 1 and August 20, the Dadaocheng Summer Festival will hold a 180-second-long firework show every Wednesday night at 8:30 PM at the riverside area between Floodgate 3 and 5.

Dadaocheng Summer Festival: Traffic Control Measures Announced
Due to the likeliness of large crowds showing up for the event, the Department of Transportation announced that a series of traffic control measures have been implemented every Wednesday during the event period to ensure smooth traffic in the vicinity. These include the follows:

1.  Parking Restrictions:
Roadside parking squares at the riverside area between floodgates 3 and 5 will be suspended 10 AM – midnight every Wednesday to make room for emergency response passage.

2.  Overpass Traffic Control:
a) Ramp access control will be implemented for northbound traffic leading to Huanhe Overpass from Huajiang Bridge and Zhongxiao Bridge.
b) Traffic dispersion to be carried out for northbound traffic along Huanhe Overpass at the ramp exiting on Guiyang Street.
c) Control measures implemented for northbound traffic at ramps connecting Huanhe Overpass to Heping West Road and Luoyan Parking Lot.

3.Extended Traffic Control Area:
a) Date and Time:Wednesdays between 8 PM and 9:30 PM. With the exception of local residents, a policy of “exit only” will be implemented for the duration based on actual needs.
b) Parameters:East of (including) Huanhe North Road; south of (excluding) Minquan West Road; west of (excluding) Yanping North Road, and north of (excluding) Zhongxiao West Road. The scope of traffic control may be expanded to Chongqing North Road depending on actual traffic flow.
c) Intersections:South of Minzu West Road and Huanhe North Road intersection; west of Civic Boulevard and Tacheng Street intersection, and west of Yanping North Road and Minsheng West Road intersection (starting 7:30 PM)

4.Suggested Detours:
a) East/West-bound Traffic:Take Jiuquan Street, Minzu East/West Road, Aiguo East/West Road, or Zhongxiao West Road.
b) North/South-bound Traffic:Take Chongqing North/South Road, Chengde Road, or Zhongshan North/South Road.

People planning on attending the fireworks show should take the MRT to nearby stations (Daqiaotou, Taipei Main Station, Shuaglian, Zhongshan, or Beimen) and walk to the venue. This will allow them to avoid the hassle of traffic jams.

For more information, please call the 1999 Citizens’ Hotline or visit the Chinese website of the Dadaocheng Summer Festival ([Link]).