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A Cycling Tour in Guandu

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Post date:2023-12-24


A Cycling Tour in Guandu
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Itinerary:Guandu TempleYouBike Guandu,River Bank Bikeway- Guandu Secret sea of flowers (season limited)—Savoring delicacies at Guandu Food Court—Guandu Nature ParkTaipei National University of the Arts (TNUA)campus_Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts (KdMoFA)_savor the delicacies at a café or restaurant within TNUA or enjoy a sunset dinner

The Taipei City Guandu Temple, formerly known as the Lingshan Temple, stands as the oldest Mazu Temple in Northern Taiwan, displaying numerous precious historical relics and rich temple architectural artistry. Housan Park, constructed along the slope, is adorned with numerous pavilions and towers. Here, visitors can gaze upon the Tamshui River and Guanyinshan (Guanyin Mountain) from a distance, enjoying the expansive view and breathtaking scenery. When the sun sets, the magnificent landscape becomes truly awe-inspiring.

A Cycling Tour in Guandu
After paying a visit to the Guandu Temple, you can enjoy a leisurely cycling tour along the riverside bikeway, feeling the gentle touch of the breeze and enjoying the picturesque scenery of the Tamsui River. Every year from the beginning to the middle of November, visitors can witness a sea of flowers formed by different colors of garden cosmos (Cosmos bipinnatus), youth-and-age (Zinnia elegans), and sulfur cosmos (Cosmos sulphureus). This offers visitors the opportunity to appreciate the riverside scenery and vibrant floral display while experiencing the fun of cycling.

After savoring the budget-friendly and delicious local delicacies at Guandu Food Court, you can visit Guandu Nature Park. Situated at the junction of the Tamsui River and Keelung River, the Park serves as an important habitat for migratory birds. It is also regarded as the "museum of nature" and an "international-level wetland environmental education center" featuring various native wetland elements and environments.This aspect makes it an excellent option for family outings.

A Cycling Tour in Guandu(2)
Taiwan’s prestigious art institution, Taipei National University of the Arts (TNUA), is also located in Guandu. TNUA not only boasts picturesque scenery but also houses the Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts (KdMoFA), which can be visited, on campus. Finally, you can enjoy a sunset dinner, relish the scenery, and savor the delicacies at a café or restaurant within TNUA, creating a leisurely and beautiful evening.

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