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Zhishan Park 芝山公園

Located at the junction of Section 1 of Zhicheng Road and Yusheng Street in Shilin District, beside Shuangxi River, this vast nature Park is thoughtfully installed with ecological features and culture-historical relics. The Park got its name because its landscape is similar to that of Zhishan in Fujian’s Zhangzhou, whose people came to settle in northern Tamsui and Shilin during the reign of Emperor Kangxi of the Qing Dynasty. Historical monuments abound in the Park, with prehistoric cultural icons, including those of the Dabenkeng, Zhishanyan, Yuanshan and Botanical Garden eras, as well as the enchanting history and culture of the Qing Dynasty, Japanese Colonial period and Nationalist government. There is a century-old temple “Huiji Temple” in the Park, which was built in the 17th year of Emperor Qianlong’s reign in the Qing Dynasty. In 1979, the temple was designated as a Class 3 historical monument by the Ministry of the Interior, in which the main deity is Kai-Zhang-Sheng-Wang (Sacred Prince, Developer of Zhangzhou). Due to the fact that the Park is a well-preserved historical site, many ancient trees can be found here, including the icon of the Park, a 300-year-old Camphor tree grown next to the Yunong Reading Room. The extended weathering process has caused the landforms in the Park to figure various quaint sculptural formations, such as Elephant Rock, Cavity Rock, Onion Rock, Giant Rock and Snake Frog Rock, which are all excellent geological educational materials.


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Yusheng Street, Shilin Dist., Taipei City Taiwan, R.O.C

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  • Jeffry B

    Melbourne, Australia

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    Con amigos

    Japanese people find this interesting


    Zhishan Park has a site commemorating the death of six Japanese teachers during the Japanese colonial period (1895-1945). The monument and graves commemorate the beginning of modern education in Taiwan. The commemorative inscription was vandalised but has now been restored. Zhishan Park is often visited by Japanese people making a trip to Taiwan. The native Taiwanese often view the Japanese colonial period with a sense of nostalgia. The park is about a 15 minute walk from the Shihlin MRT station on the Red line..
  • 克穎 林

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    En familia



    位在士林區的芝山岩有步道爬上頂端的惠濟宮,可以眺望士林蘭雅地區 步道乾淨,空氣很好 適合全家大小來個半日遊
  • shirojiro

    Saitama Prefecture, Japón

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    En solitario



    台北捷運淡水線芝山駅から徒歩15分のところのある公園です。公園全体が山になっていて、長い階段を登ったところに、教育の為に殉職した6人の教師の記念碑とお墓があります。明治時代の日本人の覚悟と教育に対する情熱を感じとる所であり、日本が台湾を領有後熱心に教育を普及しようとしたことが分かります。 ただし、これは日本人の感覚です。戦後日本が去り中華民国が台湾に来ると、墓や碑文は破壊され、彼らを襲った者は「匪賊」から「義民」になりました。史観の視点の違いです。2000年になって、お墓や碑文は再建され、台湾の近代教育の原点として認識されるようになりましたが、碑文の横のある雨農閲覧室は国民党軍統局副局長だった戴笠を記念するものです。六氏先生を顕彰するとともに「抗日記念碑」も建立するように提案した議員もいて、台湾の歴史は一筋縄ではいかないと感じました。
  • とよとよ25

    Kanagawa Prefecture, Japón

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    En familia



  • Po-Han C

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    En pareja

    視野良好 可眺望整個天母地區


    視野相當好且步道有定期維護,其中一條步道完全沒有階梯,很適合老年人及推嬰兒車的父母來運動。 步道有人每天定時維護,所以很乾淨又好走,士林區的居民還可以免費進入山腳下的芝山生態園區。

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